Board Diversity: What are you Waiting For?

The burden of proof has been met. Diverse boards make better decisions and lead to improved company performance. Yet despite the research, validation, and prodding, a startling 1805 companies out of 3192 have zero or 1 women on their boards.

So what’s the problem? What is holding us back from the progress we desperately need? Here are 3 main explanations...

Member Testimonial

“As a VIP member of WIB one of the many benefits of membership is being notified of various board openings. One of the board openings that came through was for a mutual fund, Columbia Threadneedle, and I am thrilled that I am now on their board of directors. I am extremely grateful to WIB for making this possible. I would not have known of this opportunity nor been able to apply for the position had it not been for WIB."

-Sandy Yeager, Independent Director,

Columbia Threadneedle Funds

CEO Corner

We are seeing a growing number of female heads at top tech corporations. However, these women are the exception, not the norm. Reassessing our own views on gender and power is vital in order to increase women’s advancement and career growth in the technology sector...

We are an organization built on referrals & we want to say thank you to the following WIBffs for sharing the benefits of VIP Membership with senior-level executive women! Betty GoffChristina Ostran MehltretterMary NeaseRoxanne Clary, and Nicole Middendorf.

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